The paradigm of a sustainable economy

The paradigm of a sustainable economy goes beyond a recycling program. Nowadays recycling isn’t enough, we have to think of the way we use natural resources.
👉🏿Reduce: implies not only consuming only what we need but also saying no to what has been shown to us as necessary.
👉🏽Reuse: recovering or giving new use to things so they don’t become obsolete.
👉🏻Repair: in a crafted way. Giving back some value to the jobs that seemed obsolete so that fixing something used overcomes the need to have something new.
👉Rot: is not just a way to recover nutrients to preserve the soil fertility, it also helps to reduce the waste treatments and avoids the methane and CO2 release.
♻️Recycling: recollection process and transformation of materials to turn them into products. Many companies use it to legitimate the overproduction of garbage.
These values, which we find so necessary today for a sustainable economy, have been for centuries part of the ancient communities’ DNA.

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