We are Alianza

Guardians of the Forests

September 26-29, 2024 | Buenos Aires - Boulevard 514

Join us for an exclusive event dedicated to celebrating art, culture, and sustainable development initiatives in northern Argentina. “We Are Alianza” aims to raise funds for the construction of 5 native tree nurseries, benefiting local communities and restoring biodiversity. Your participation will directly contribute to these efforts and support the cultural and ecological richness of the region.

Guardians of the Forests

An exclusive experience of art and culture, networking, and environmental impact


Join our mission to celebrate the indigenous cultures and natural ecosystems of the Chaco. By participating in "We Are Alianza," you contribute to preserving the traditions and knowledge of local communities while enjoying a unique experience filled with art and culture.


Your contributions will directly fund the creation of five tree nurseries, including infrastructure, irrigation systems, training, materials, and tools. This initiative not only promotes environmental sustainability but also provides economic benefits to the communities through the production and sale of native trees.


"We Are Alianza" is committed to the conservation of the Chaco's ecosystems and biodiversity. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to restore native forests and strengthen cultural heritage, ensuring a lasting positive impact for future generations.


What Impact Will We Generate?

We aim to raise funds to build 5 tree nurseries, including structure, irrigation, training, materials, and tools. Impact: By producing and selling native trees, communities gain economic benefits while reforesting forests, enriching biodiversity, and combating climate change.


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Impact and Benefits

The “WE ARE ALIANZA” event aims to generate significant impact in indigenous communities and environmental conservation. Through the construction of five native tree nurseries, forests will be reforested, enriching biodiversity and combating climate change, while also providing economic benefits to communities through the production and sale of these trees. The funds raised will support specific communities such as Ocka Puckie, Quebracho, Kates, La Gracia, Misión La Paz, and Wichi Original Territories.

Social and Environmental Impact

Support a network of native tree nurseries and a project aimed at restoring ecosystems using ancient indigenous techniques.

Visibility and Recognition

Brand presence at the event and in the foundation’s future activities, including mentions in promotional materials and project progress reports.

Networking and Exclusive Experiences

Access to events with exclusive artists, networking opportunities, and VIP passes with included cocktail reception.

Collaboration and Learning

Invitation to workshops for the brand’s team and meetings with the Alianza Wichi team to learn firsthand about the work and challenges of the communities.

The Artists

Great artists will be present and will share their experiences

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Event Location

September 26-29, 2024 | Buenos Aires - Boulevard 514

Boulevard 514

Art and Experience Space

Located on the charming Boulevard Caseros in the San Telmo neighborhood, just meters from the iconic Parque Lezama, Boulevard 514 is a unique space in Buenos Aires that combines the finest French architecture of the early 1900s with modern details that highlight its unparalleled beauty.
At Boulevard 514, the classic and modern coexist, creating a distinguished yet eclectic space that adapts to your project vision.

The building, with 1,000 square meters divided into two covered floors and a terrace, is ideal for art exhibitions, corporate events, workshops and conferences, celebrations, and experiences.

About Alianza Wichi

We are an alliance to protect and enhance indigenous cultures and nature. Our mission is to protect the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Yunga and Chaco regions in northern Argentina, along with the traditions and knowledge of the indigenous peoples of the region.

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Participating is very simple: by purchasing your BONO SPONSOR, you, your brand, and your team are already part of all this.


$ 1700
  • 5 tickets for the Cocktail/VIP (includes catering and drinks).
  • 20 invitations for the following days (photo exhibition).
  • 1 Team Building Workshop - DAY 2 - with the Alianza Wichi team, focusing on fieldwork and community challenges.
  • Interview with a brand representative to appear in the event coverage video.
  • Company logo in photos and press backdrop of the event.
  • Brand presence and acknowledgements during the construction of the nurseries.
  • Brand logo on the document accompanying each sold photo.
  • Presence of logo and brand in graphics, social media, and dissemination.

The Discovery Event



  • Date:

    26-29 Septembre, 2024

  • Location:

    Av Caseros 514, Buenos Aires,
    Argentina 1152

  • Contact:


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