The Alliance

Discover the Great Southamerican Chaco and join an alliance with indigenous communities to regenerate this endangered ecosystem. Nature and culture can thrive together. We are Nature!

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The voice of an indigenous wise man takes us on a journey back in time, where humans and nature spoke the same language.  The trees cry out to the wind their claim and this old man hears them clearly. In his bag he carries the seeds of life to confront the spread of death. The spiritual strength of his ancestors stands with him. A chance encounter with a visual anthropologist starts a human chain around the world to help his message spread and help remind us of what makes us truly human. A global alliance is being woven for the creation of a natural and cultural sanctuary that expresses a path of union and harmony among the beings of planet earth. 


The Film’s Purpose

We seek to make an engaging and moving film that will inspire the viewer to connect with a powerful message and that, at the end, will not only change how a tree or the sound of the wind is experienced, but above all, will leave the viewer illuminated and hopeful with the power of the unity between people who are aligned in the pursuit of an absolute, multi-dimensional emerging quest.

Juayuk embodies the story of a contemporary, dramatic and urgent epic. However, it contains the seed to become extraordinarily hopeful and luminous.

He senses this. Behind him lies the force of nature and that of his ancestors, ready to support mankind in the work he proposes: regenerating the forest, helping the trees and all the beings that live there. The wind is calling for this.

This is how it has been for millennia, where men and women have been a vital part of the natural world. They have interacted in relationships of balance and mutual benefit. Juayuk wants to reveal to us that, if human beings align themselves with the natural forces, all this becomes possible very easily, the regeneration of life will flourish triumphantly.

Juayuk, a distant character from the modern world, will begin to connect with young militants of the magnitude of Greta Thunberg, with thinkers and activists such as Satish Kumar or Joanna Macy, intellectuals such as Olivier De Schutter, among many other beings of great relevance in their respective areas of influence.

In the midst of the ecological and climate crisis, the story of Juayuk – and that of his people, the Wichí – lifts the veil of a culture capable of inspiring us to face the challenges that await us as a human society. This story is also deeply representative, because Juayuk’s struggle is our own, in a world where we urgently need to rethink and rediscover our relationship with others and with nature. Despite the suffering of his people and the challenges they face daily – persecution, marginalization and extreme poverty – this is undoubtedly a positive message of hope that comes to us from the heart of an indigenous Latin America. And as Juayuk says, “there is still time to recompose our bond with our allied spirits, and they are waiting for us to meet them in nature. If we destroy it, it will no longer be possible.

We seek to make a real impact by getting the funds to protect this land, the nature and culture within it, both damaged and endangered, and to make it a sanctuary that celebrates that union. Where the ancient Wichí culture can recover and develop in freedom and fullness and where this knowledge and respectful dialogue between beings becomes an open space, connecting indigenous knowledge and practices with universities and research institutes around the world. This would be a film about that search to fulfil a dream, learning first from a different and alternative teacher. In short, the film proposes to link an aboriginal man from a marginalized universe, with people who are referents in different spheres of the global and modern world.

To reconnect the Latin American forests and their native culture with people who are referents and decision makers in the modern world, in the metropolis, and thus generate an enriched intercultural dialogue that goes beyond nations, cultures and social classes. It becomes a space of dialogue, honest, open and multicultural. Where the potential of what makes us truly human converges.


This film is a profound testimony to life, to the life of humanity on the planet. It is hard and unjust, simple, but at the same time moving, reflective in a way that it becomes an unprecedented experience, a documentary film where it speaks to the spectator in his totality, to his entire being. A film that tells the epic of a “David” who fights against the irremediable destruction of his world and with the most humble message of love from a poet and thinker, ecologist and teacher. The doors open and human beings are united around the world so that this reality has a different ending: an emblematic case that inspires.

We will never see a tree in the same way again. The wind will no longer be just air movement caused by differential atmospheric pressure, but will become the bearer of the deep sense of ancestral messages.

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